These films are movies made after the destruction of the film itself… films made from the attack and scratch of their own emulsion. In nature we see it all around us…at the same time something is being created, something is being destroyed.

Georgia O’Keefe picking up bones and holding them up to the sun – I don’t see death, I see beauty. I see black and white light/shadow. Movies. New York City as nature. Landscape as metaphor – these films were made in the desert. Up to Utah. Promontory. Golden Spike. Lucin – a town that wasn’t, then was, then wasn’t again.

These films’ beginnings are taped to their ends. “Death can really make you look like a star” ( Andy Warhol ) ‘Stars Way Out’ was a closed down diner outside 29 Palms.

To all the guys I’ve loved before…
Amy Granat


Art Forum - Elizabeth Schambelan on Amy Granat

Amy Granat: Scratch Films / Stars Way Out ( for OK )

February 9 - March 11, 2006
Opens February 9 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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